rfy2Hi, I’m Amanda. I live in Mississippi with my daughter, husband, 2 cats, and 1 dog.

What I am: A full-time graphic designer. A part-time blogger. A tasty food lover. A wife and mom who comes home at 5pm every day HUNGRY for things that are delicious but will also make me feel awesome. A nutrition enthusiast of a mostly paleo persuasion.

What I am not: A doctor. A nurse. Literally any profession in the medical field. Any kind of nutrition or fitness expert.A chef (or any kind of culinary expert). Seriously. I just like to eat food and I like to feel good after I eat it.

I started my venture into this “real food” thing when I started hearing about the Whole30 in 2012. After getting fed up with sugar cravings and binges and living on a roller coaster of energy and mood spikes and dips, I took the plunge and ordered It Starts With Food. I immediately dove into the book and was fascinated by all the intricate ways food works in our bodies, and dumbfounded to learn that most of what I’d learned about nutrition growing up in the 80s and 90s was dead wrong.

I did my first Whole30 immediately upon finishing It Starts With Food, and never thought about food the same way again. It took me doing a few more rounds of it over the next few years through some major life changes to really develop lifestyle habits that have become permanent.

While I do have some good routines in place, my journey is far from over. As a matter of fact, there is no destination. Keeping up with one’s wellness means being in constant motion. I still struggle with sweets cravings. I slip up and eat things that don’t make me feel great quite often. Sometimes I sit on the couch when I know I should prep the next day’s meal. Sometimes I skip a workout in favor of lunch at a restaurant.

My goal with this website is to share my story as it grows, and I hope in doing that, it inspires some of you to try something new in the kitchen, start some new fitness habit, or maybe just start a conversation about taking care of our bodies. And of each other.